BBC Radio 4 From Our Own Correspondent

From Our Own Correspondent: Revolution in the Venezuelan Countryside

From Our Own Correspondent: Community Radio Stations in Venezuela

From Our Own Correspondent: Genetically-modified crops in Argentina

From Our Own Correspondent: Forced Sterilization in Peru

BBC News: Videos

BBC News: Forced Sterilization in Peru



BBC News: Mining Pollution in Peru


BBC News: Online

BBC News: Peru’s Amazon: Where Roads Change Lives

Mateo Augusto Mavite


BBC News: Peru’s Children Hit by Metal Poisoning

Wilma Tovalino and Marcus Castaneda

BBC News: How Quinoa is Changing Lives in Peru

Rodrigo Cisneros harvesting quinoa

BBC News: Mapuche Community Fights Fracking Site in Argentina


BBC News: Argentina Worker-Controlled Companies Feel the Pinch


BBC News: Argentina Museum Row Highlights Divisions over Military Rule

The entrance to the former naval school with pictures of people who were forcibly disappeared

BBC News: Argentina: the Villagers who Fear Herbicides

Horacio and his wife Rosalia

BBC News: Venezuelan Social Housing: Division Over Right to Buy

A group of residents pose before a sign reading "Gran Mision Barrio" ("Great Neighbourhood Mission)

BBC News: Venezuela’s Media Reflect the Country’s Political Divisions

Karina Rivas

BBC News: Venezuela’s Farmers: ‘Planting for the Revolution’

Jose Braulio Diaz on the Maizal commune in February 2016

BBC News: Grassroots Democracy Feels the Strain in Venezuela

Guadi Garcia

BBC World Service Radio

BBC World Service Radio: Mining Protests in Peru

BBC World Service: Anti-Austerity Protests in Argentina

BBC World Service Radio: Revolution in Venezuelan Countryside

BBC World Service Newshour/Newsday: Road Building in the Peruvian Amazon (2018):

BBC World Service Newshour/NewsDay: Media Freedom in Venezuela (2016):

BBC World Service Newshour/Newsday: Women Forcibly Sterilized in Peru (2018) 

BBC World Service Newshour/Newsday: Metal Poisoning in Peru (2018)

BBC World Service Newshour/Newsday: Revolutionary Farmers in Venezuela (2016):

BBC World Service Newshour/Newsday: What Now for Podemos in Spain? (2017)

BBC World Service Newshour/Newsday: Spain’s largest nature reserve threatened by gas drilling (2017)

The Independent 

The Independent: UK Ready to Sell Jets to Junta Days Before Falklands Attack

18-UKofferedbombers1-afpgt.jpgGetty Images

The Independent: The Real Hunger Games – How the Banks Gamble on Food Prices and the Poor Lose Out

a View of Jose Lucena's farm

The Independent: Falklanders – We are the Luckiest Working-Class People on Earth

Stanley has the islands' only zebra crossing

The Independent: World Health Organization – We are Losing the Fight Against TB

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The Independent: Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez – ObituaryThe late Venezuelan president in 2007

Getty Images


The Guardian and The Observer


The Guardian: Uncovering Britain’s Secret Role in Pinochet’s Coup

Chile coup 1973

The Guardian: The School of Latin America’s Dictators

Image result for images school of americas

The Guardian: Colombia’s Desert War

Image result for image of fumigation in colombiaAP

The Guardian: Death Threats made to Ecuadorian Lawyer in Pollution Case

reuters ecuador.jpegReuters

The Guardian: Venezuela Tries to Put Hugo Chavez to the Test

chavez 1

The Observer: Venezuelans Learn the Write Stuff


The Guardian: Chavez Puppet Sparks Protests


The Guardian: £100m in Aid Funds Diverted to Iraq

The Guardian: UK Tourist Escapes Rebel Captors

The Guardian: Family’s Joy as Kidnap Tourist Phones Home

The Guardian: Bolivian Protesters Besiege President




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